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Valentine's Day - Matthew Presidente [15 Feb 2011|08:20pm]

BTGWTV Productions is proud to present Matthew Presidente's new performance video, Valentine's Day directed by Tara C Taylor and filmed/edited by Stephen Emery.

This is just the performance video. A full release version with characters and a story line - as well as a second song attached to it - will be available in March.

For more of Matthew Presidente's recent video releases and his CD go to http://www.matthewpresidente.com
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Rainbow Reaction - Matthew Presidente [24 Dec 2010|12:32am]

 Matthew Presidente's newest video - Rainbow Reaction

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I Am a Lesbian Married to a Straight Man [19 Nov 2010|11:36pm]

Where do I begin?

Well, I will just start from where I think I had my first inclination.
When I was about 11 years old, I felt an attraction to girls when most of my friends were feeling an attraction to boys...you know 11 year old girls, all about the "boy bands" and pop music...while my friends were into NSYNC, I was more "attracted" I guess you could say to singers like Christina Aguillera.

I never got vocal about my feelings but to one friend of mine whom I have known since I was 4. She said she had felt the same things too, and whereas young people are curious, we were curious together.
read the rest of her story here
also visit kategrace a free lesbian dating community
thanks to  you all and god bless

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Kam aka EVOLUTION feat. DJ Aleksey ROSTOV - DIVERS-E (we are) REMIX [ radio edit ] [19 Nov 2010|04:18pm]


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Family Down music video - Matthew Presidente [04 Sep 2010|02:29pm]


Matthew Presidente's Family Down music video, the song from his new CD This City Colours, deals with the issues of having the idealistic dreams of a young gay man challenged by homophobia, anonymous sex, alcohol abuse, and "the scene".

See the Matthew Presidente interview video (Rainbow Reaction - Part 1) in The Beyond the Ghetto Within the Village Community to watch Matthew discuss this song and others on his This City's Colours CD.

Artist info: http://www.matthewpresidente.com

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Gay Songwriter in Seattle [11 Jul 2010|02:15pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Wow, so it's been more than half a year since anyone's posted to this community. I thought I'd share one of my originals on here, just for the heck of it. Please feel free to comment, rate, and subscribe---and thanks in advance for listening. :)

This song was written after true events, and recounts what it's like to be hit on by a straight guy.

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music you will love [11 May 2009|02:33pm]

La Roux - Bulletproof

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Music for support LGBT-rights [07 May 2009|01:55pm]

Oded Gross "All Because"

music_action  - Music for Social and Civil Action, Freedom, Peace, Environment and Human Rights

Chumbawamba - Homophobia.
Bronski Beat - Smalltown Boy.
Screeching Weasel - I Wanna be a Homosexual.
Diana Ross - I'm Coming Out.
Terrence - Two Fathers.
"Take Action against Hate Crimes".
Malediva - Die Welt bleibt nun stehn.
Cher - Half Breed.
"Masculine Women, Feminine Men".
Cyndi Lauper - True Colors.
"Activism is more than a word".
Articolo 31 - La mia ragazza mena.
Roy Zimmerman - Defenders of Marriage.
Oded Gross - All Because.
"Westbam - United States Of Love - Loveparade 2006 Anthem".
Pippo Pollina - Amica mia.
Eto - Bicurious.
Sara Em - Include Me.
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[23 Feb 2009|08:03am]

The first official Experiment Haywire remix album is now available for order! Featuring 16 remixes of original Experiment Haywire songs from the albums World War 23, Cooler Than Genocide, and Annihilation Chic comes a brand new riot that has managed to slip through the cracks of the elite. Mastered by Kolja Trelle of Soman, with contributions from Leæther Strip, Soman, XP8, Uberbyte, Vicious Alliance and more this album boldly defies the myth the there's no room for punk on the dance floor. Featuring artwork by Nathan Winter (Industriarts).


1. Army Or Two (Out Out 2 Tr Treatment)
2. Stereotype (Soman Re:Work)
3. Stereotype (Blank mix)
4. Cooler Than Genocide (Uberbyte Bill Hicks Was Right mix)
5. Cooler Than Genocide (Caustic Oi Vey mix)
6. Mean Enough Hot Enough (Vicious Alliance Just An Animal mix)
7. Overrule (Pulse State Riot Grrl Club mix)
8. Game Called Life (Leæther Strip mix)
9. Game Called Life (XP8 mix)
10. Game Called Life (Necrotek End Future mix)
11. Game Called Life (Autoclav1.1 Vivify mix)
12. Occult Casualty (Synthetic Dream Foundation mix)
13. Occult Casualty (BAAL mix)
14. Occult Casualty (kAlte fArben mix)
15. Decapitation (Ambassador 21 mix)
16. Decapitation (Revolution State mix)

Order in the US from:

Crunch Pod
machineKUNT Records
The Haywire

International ordering coming soon!

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[22 Dec 2008|02:24am]

machineKUNT Records signs Cindergarden

To celebrate the international success of the "Extreme Women in the Dark Future" compilation machineKUNT Records has signed solo female artist Cindergarden to this newly evolving label.

After her memorable North American tour as keyboardist for System Syn (Metropolis Records) Jaymie Valentine self-released a full length album titled "The Clandestine Experiment" which received critical acclaim.

Hailing from Los Angeles, California with two full length albums and one EP behind her... Jaymie Valentine has been compared to everyone from Last Rites-era Skinny Puppy to Switchblade Symphony to Jack Off Jill. Yet there is nobody that sounds like Cindergarden except for Cindergarden and that is what makes this a special project. Described by listeners as strong, expressive, emotive and accessible Jaymie redefines what dark electronic
and dark ambient should be.

You can download "The Clandestine Experiment" absolutely free at http://myspace.com/cindergarden for a taste of what's to come.

Jaymie Valentine will be releasing a new album on machineKUNT Records in 2009.

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Calling all LGBT Talent... [05 Nov 2008|12:45pm]

Cake Chicago is changing things up in 2009.

We're switching to Saturdays!!!!

We're also looking to find NEW LGBT artists
for our showcase.
Dancers, Musicians, Drag Artists, Comedians, Film/Video, Etc...

If you're interested and/or know any other LGBT acts
that would be interested, please email us at:


Contact us through our Myspace page.

Thanks Much!

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mmh.. [22 Oct 2008|01:14pm]

I can't believe I found a gay musicians community!
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Cake Chicago 2 Year Anniversary Party!!! [15 Oct 2008|08:45pm]

Cake Chicago 2 Year Anniversary Party!!!!
Friday, October 24th

9p - Comedy by Ashley Thornton

10p - Live Music by Ripley Caine

11pm - DJ Set by DJ SKY

Come out and celebrate what The Red Line Tap is calling their Favorite Lesbian Night!

Red Line Tap - 7006 N. Glenwood - Chicago, IL 60626

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[13 Aug 2008|05:12am]


After a year in the making we are proud to announce that Extreme Women in the Dark Future has finally broken through the glass ceiling. Featuring female fronted acts like Regenerator, Neikka RPM, and Visious Alliance along with daring solo acts like Chiasm, Unwoman, and Odio 84 these powerful artists are ready to take the industrial scene by storm and prove that women were meant to be heard!


1. Protea - Little Drummer Boy
2. Compulsory Skin - Twisted
3. Aluminum Voyage - Filth
4. Genocidio 1968 - Hure
5. Anxiety Disorder - Emergency Sex
6. Neikka RPM - Umbrae Sub Noctem
7. Diffuzion - No Passive Isolation
8. Chiasm - Deny
9. Odio 84 - No Trust
10. Noizekatt - Scars
11. Ju!ie Destroy - Devist8or
12. Experiment Haywire - Mean Enough Hot Enough
13. N01R - Eau
14. Vicious Alliance - Where Soliders Fall
15. Regenerator - Famished
16. Unwoman - Compliance (machineKUNT remix)
17. Hieros Gamos - In the Shining Exile
18. Asinyane - Homocide

You can now order it directly from the machineKUNT Records website.

Riot on,
Rachel Haywire
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Pride Vancouver Hangover - bashing attacks, dedication tunes [09 Aug 2008|04:26pm]

Once again Pride 08 gets marred by a violent attack.

Story in Vancouver Sun.

Story in Metro

CTV story with video

At Matthew Presidente's Groove Box show - tonight's theme being the Pride Hangover Show, we dedicated two songs to the victims and the people affected and injured in these bashings [including our band which was involved as a witness to the East Side Pride bashing]. Creep - for those who feel alienated by violence and oppression and Hedwig's Midnight Radio - how we rise above oppression and lift up our hands.

Dedication tunes performed at Numbers Caberet Post Pride Show: [with intro dedication comments by Stephen Emery]
1. Creep - Radiohead Cover by Stephen Emery, Matthew Presidente, Hazen Rice
2. Midnight Radio - Hedwig Cover by Matthew Presidente, Stephen Emery
[courtesy matthewpresidente.com]

[a pic of the alleged psycho basher]

Two people remain in hospital with serious injuries. Word on the street is that this 2nd attack was not a bashing but a psycho mental patient.

Either way, a great 30th Pride has been marred somewhat and we Numbers performers and those of us at radiogay.ca hope that the victims' psychological and physical recoveries are swift and thorough.
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