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Pride Vancouver Hangover - bashing attacks, dedication tunes

Once again Pride 08 gets marred by a violent attack.

Story in Vancouver Sun.

Story in Metro

CTV story with video

At Matthew Presidente's Groove Box show - tonight's theme being the Pride Hangover Show, we dedicated two songs to the victims and the people affected and injured in these bashings [including our band which was involved as a witness to the East Side Pride bashing]. Creep - for those who feel alienated by violence and oppression and Hedwig's Midnight Radio - how we rise above oppression and lift up our hands.

Dedication tunes performed at Numbers Caberet Post Pride Show: [with intro dedication comments by Stephen Emery]
1. Creep - Radiohead Cover by Stephen Emery, Matthew Presidente, Hazen Rice
2. Midnight Radio - Hedwig Cover by Matthew Presidente, Stephen Emery

[a pic of the alleged psycho basher]

Two people remain in hospital with serious injuries. Word on the street is that this 2nd attack was not a bashing but a psycho mental patient.

Either way, a great 30th Pride has been marred somewhat and we Numbers performers and those of us at hope that the victims' psychological and physical recoveries are swift and thorough.
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