Rachel Haywire (acidexia) wrote in gay_musicians,
Rachel Haywire

The first official Experiment Haywire remix album is now available for order! Featuring 16 remixes of original Experiment Haywire songs from the albums World War 23, Cooler Than Genocide, and Annihilation Chic comes a brand new riot that has managed to slip through the cracks of the elite. Mastered by Kolja Trelle of Soman, with contributions from Leæther Strip, Soman, XP8, Uberbyte, Vicious Alliance and more this album boldly defies the myth the there's no room for punk on the dance floor. Featuring artwork by Nathan Winter (Industriarts).


1. Army Or Two (Out Out 2 Tr Treatment)
2. Stereotype (Soman Re:Work)
3. Stereotype (Blank mix)
4. Cooler Than Genocide (Uberbyte Bill Hicks Was Right mix)
5. Cooler Than Genocide (Caustic Oi Vey mix)
6. Mean Enough Hot Enough (Vicious Alliance Just An Animal mix)
7. Overrule (Pulse State Riot Grrl Club mix)
8. Game Called Life (Leæther Strip mix)
9. Game Called Life (XP8 mix)
10. Game Called Life (Necrotek End Future mix)
11. Game Called Life (Autoclav1.1 Vivify mix)
12. Occult Casualty (Synthetic Dream Foundation mix)
13. Occult Casualty (BAAL mix)
14. Occult Casualty (kAlte fArben mix)
15. Decapitation (Ambassador 21 mix)
16. Decapitation (Revolution State mix)

Order in the US from:

Crunch Pod
machineKUNT Records
The Haywire

International ordering coming soon!

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